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Leni & Zeus

Cow Flecki grasping toy for babies

Cow Flecki grasping toy for babies

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Clutching toy cow with rattle.
A great gift for birth.

This huge animal looks at you gently with its dark eyes.....
This look is also successful with our cow rattle.
Hardly any other animal had such a great influence on human development.
In some countries the cow is sacred, in some it is partly responsible for the climate ☺
What it always remains is beautiful and radiates a certain calmness and that's exactly why we find the cow as a rattle so beautiful and important for the little people on earth.
Not only "the children from the country" but all children should look into these beautiful eyes from time to time and let their rough tongues be licked ☺
But our cow behaves calmly, except for a small rattle which is stuck in her and rattles pleasantly loudly when she moves. You can grab them by the ears with your small hands.
All Leni & Zeus cows have a practical cotton strap with snaps or a wooden clip (see photo or material description) to attach the cow to the pram, cot or baby seat .
The gentle face of the cow is embroidered on one side like the back, you will love it in the photos.

Material: cotton
Embroidered part. Terry cloth
rattle in the cow
allergy-neutral filling material (cotton)
wooden clips are subject to the DIN EN 71-3 standard and are saliva-resistant,
colorfast and free of harmful substances. They are safe for babies and small children.
(Not on all cows, please note the material description)

Dimensions: Cow approx. 16 cm x 11 cm
Length of the strap (closed) approx. 13 cm

Security: Of course I try to do everything perfectly, but please check the buttons
again and again.

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